a few words about us

AltaVista Research was founded in early 2004 to provide research on the rapidly growing number of exchange traded funds.

From just a handful of funds a decade ago, the number of ETFs listed in the U.S. has grown to over 800, with more than $800 billion in assets. The options available to investors are enormous, but as always choice complicates the selection process. AltaVista is dedicated to helping investors intelligently select and monitor their ETF investments.

ALTAR ScoreTM rating

The AltaVista Long Term Annual Return forecast, or ALTAR™ score, is our proprietary measure of an ETF's overall investment merit.

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We currently cover over 600 equity ETFs totaling more than $650 billion in assets under management, including many of the newest funds that competitors cannot cover due to their reliance on past performance. Additionally, we cover 30+ ETFs listed on the Australian Stock Exchange.

Flexible access

Access to our ETF data and analysis is available through multiple channels suitable for different market segments

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our approach

Our unique approach helps readers evaluate ETFs on investment merit, not just past performance.

Most ETF research is really warmed-over mutual fund research that focuses on past performance and fees. We take a totally different approach by applying the traditional tools of fundamental security analysis to each underlying constituent and aggregating that data up to the fund level.

As a result, we can develop a forward-looking view of an ETF based on its investment merit, not just its past performance. Ultimately, this enables clients to make better, more informed investment decisions.

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“Without AltaVista Research I would have a very long day. They collect and collate valuation data, both historical and forward estimates, that enables me to quickly find the ETF that precisely fits a portfolio requirement. AltaVista’s emphasis on fundamental value and its ALTAR Score is a useful tool that reflects our own approach to equity investment...”
John Kimber